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IX International Public Market Congress

At the 9th International Public Markets Conference, that took place this late March in Barcelona, Spain, more than 400 people, from 40 different countries agreed that Public Markets are critical public spaces that enable daily exchange between local buyers and producers, public markets — whether publicly or privately operated — have important cultural and historical legacies that we must strive to protect, strengthen, and expand. Today, despite their long history and numerous benefits, public markets face serious challenges due to insufficient recognition in policy, research, and funding. Many cities do not have appropriate policies or resources to invest in basic maintenance and sanitation, to expand or create new markets, or to manage public spaces effectively to integrate market activity. The participants of this conference commited to:

1. Work strategically to advance the benefits of public markets
2. Promote the inclusion of public markets into the political agendas and policy frameworks of our respective city, regional, state, and national governments
3. Advocate for the strategic integration of public markets into the new global development agenda
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