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Luís Figo Foundation Home

MRKC is the architecture firm responsible for the coordination and execution of both the architecture and engineering designs for the future Luís Figo Foundation Home.

In 2014, a result of its intrinsic motivation, the Luís Figo Foundation launched the challenge of designing and managing a home to support children and youth to the EMDIIP (Mobile Team for Early Childhood Development and Early Intervention). The concept of Luís Figo Foundation Home was then born.

The Luís Figo Foundation Home is an innovative response, at national level, consisting of a center that groups the needs of families at risk and of children and young people between 0 and 18 years of age who are at social, biological or disease risk mental, developmental difficulties or disability status.

It also seeks to promote the training of educational agents and families in the areas of disability, mental health, social and biological risk in childhood and youth, as well as family counseling. The synergy between the two organizations will allow the Luís Figo Foundation to requalify an abandoned public school in Algés, while the EMDIIP will be responsible for the planning of social responses and the management of the Home.