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Our mission

We provide consultancy, studies and projects in several agri-food logistics and distribution sectors, namely logistics platforms (including wholesale markets), public markets and distribution centres.

We create synergies from the joint knowledge of each member, guaranteeing technical support to the promoter in all stages of the project, including design and dimensioning, economic viability analysis and preparing start-up of the investment, always considering the survey of involving conditions, goal setting, program design, development of the architectural project and technical support to the construction phase.

We are particularly focused on public infrastructures, such as schools or social investments.

Public Markets

Public Markets are vital instruments for the structuring and regeneration of city centers, an alternative distribution channel for local farms produce and the privileged places to the supply of local agri-food produce. They offer consumers personal attention and service and assure meeting points to their surrounding communities.

Our projects’ mission is to value Public Markets multiple tasks, as public equipments that contribute to the commercial and social dynamics of the cities and, consequently, to increase the quality of life in urban areas.

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